Breanne Dufrene began work with Columbia Presbyterian Preschool (CPP) in 2017 but has been a part of the CPP family since 2011. She is married to a wonderful man named Jonathan. A transplant from Columbia, LA, she has now lived in Columbia, MS since 2003.

     Growing up with 3 rambunctious older brothers gave her a love for hunting, fishing, football; basically, anything outdoors. Breanne attends the Church on Main where she is a part of the children’s ministry as a nursery worker.

     She loves working at CPP. Her favorite thing about being here is seeing our kids’ faces light up when they learn something new. She says her favorite sound “is hearing one of my babies say ‘Ms. Bree!’ with affection and excitement”. She prays that she will always show God’s light and love to all she encounters.